15 August Speech in English

15 August Speech in English

Here  is 15 August Speech in English .Today is a day of celebration and to realize our freedom. Thousands of our freedom fighters sacrificed their lives and millions of them struggled in order to drive away British rulers and constituted a system of democracy .

15 August Speech in English

15 August Speech in English

 15 August Short Essay

Independence Day 10 Lines For Kids | 15 August Short Essay | Azadi Per Niband In Hindi |
Short Essay Of 15 August For Kids

1.   Independence Day Is An Important Day For INDIA.
2.   It Is Celebrated On 15th August Every Year.
3.   On This Day, In 1947, INDIA Became Independent From The British
4.   The Prime Minister Hoists The National Flag At The Red Fort In
5.    Prime Minister Delivers His Speech To The Citizens Of INDIA.
6.    Prime Minister Also Pays His Tribute To Leaders Of The Freedom
7.    State Capitals Also Celebrate This Day.
8.    Chief Minister Delivers The Speech In The State Capital.
9.    Everywhere The National Flag Is Hoisted And The National Anthem
Is Sung.
10.  The Day Is A National Holiday In INDIA.

independence day speech in english for school students pdf

My best wishes and heartiest greetings on the occasion of this sacred festival of our Freedom. This morning of the 15th of August is not a usual morning. This is the dawn of the freedom-festival of the greatest democracy of the world. This dawn is also the dawn of the dreams of the one hundred twenty five Crore Indian Citizens. This dawn also heralds the resolve of 125 Crore people of India. On this pious occasion I also extend my many many salutations to all those great persons of India who sacrificed their lives and led a life of penance while making persistent efforts to fight for the honour of the country. They even spent their youth in the prison, went through all kinds of sufferings; but never gave up their dreams and resolve to see India free.

Recently many distinguished citizens of India, youths, literary artists and social workers- sons and daughters of Mother India- have achieved many great feats to make our country proud. They are countless in number and from the ramparts of Red fort I extend my best wishes and greetings to all of them from the core of my heart.

Jai hind

Vande matram

15 August Speech in English 2019

“Chief Guest, Principal, Good morning for teachers and my dear friends. I wish you all a very Happy Independence Day! Today, I have got a chance to speak on Independence Day, I feel honored to be myself. August 15 has always been so special to us that one day we remember all the glory of our country because we remember the efforts of the Indian freedom fighters fighting the struggle, revolt and Indian independence. Independence Day of India not only reflects India’s independence from the rule of the British Raj, but it also shows the power of this country. And it shows that when he unites all the people of this country.

The country has only progressed daily and is on its way to becoming a super power. Before the completion of four years of India’s independence, we strengthened the country by making it a Republic with the beginning of the Constitution, which makes the whole world tilt. We are a country of vast diversity, and our unity makes us a strong nation. From technology to agriculture, we are one of the world’s top countries, and there is no one going back because we are always on the move to grow and improve.

Today, as we recall all the achievements of our country on Independence Day, we do not forget our soldiers. Thanks to our brave soldiers, we can live peacefully in their country due to them because we know that they always live there to protect us. They keep us safe from threatening terrorist forces to India. Let us be inspired by our soldiers and work together to make our country a better place to live. No country is right, and we also have drawbacks. On this Independence Day 2018, we promise our work as citizens to make our country great.

I once again want to thank you for listening to your speech carefully and I would like to thank all of you for your speaking in front of everyone. And I want to give you a chance to talk. Jai Hind! I salute you, Mother!”

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