About Independence Day of India

About Independence Day of India

People celebrated freedom day on 15th august . I will tell you about independence day of india in this article. So we are excited to tell you about this. I hope you would like & share this article on social media.

About Independence Day of India

About Independence Day of India 2019

ependence Day of India will be celebrated by the people all over the India on 15th of August 2018, at Thursday. This year in 2019, India will celebrate its 73rd Independence Day to pay tribute and remember all the freedom fighters who had contributed a lot and fought for the Independence of India.

The first Independence Day was celebrated in India on 15th of August in 1947.



As per the Media,

  • UP State Government banned the production and use of Polythene bags of 50 microns as well as all the plastic or thermocol products from 15th July 2018. And pledged for complete ban from Independence Day.

Some other Major announcements by Indian Prime minister on Independence Day

  1. Prime Minister announced the successful passage of the Bill in Parliament to create an OBC commission.
  2. Prime Minister also remembered the victims of Jallianwalan Bag massacre as next year on Baisakhi it will be the 100th years of that fateful day. (Massacre happened on 13th April 1919).
  3. Prime Minister made a major announcement displaying India’s progress in space missions. He declared that on the occasion of 75th Independence Day in 2022, India will unfurl the Tricolor in space.
  4. Prime Minister congratulated all women members of INS Tarini, an Indian navy sail boat which successfully travelled through the globe under the command of Lt. commander Vartika Joshi and five other women officers. Prime Minister also told that it denotes the growth and empowerment of Indian women.
  5. He also congratulated tribal boys and girls from Maharashtra for successfully climbing Mount Everest on May 17, 2018 under a woman trainer Bimla Negi Deoskar.
  6. He announced the launching of ‘Pradhan Mantri Jan Arogya Abhiyaan on 25th September (Birth Anniversary of Pundit Deendayal Upadhayay) this year aimed at providing good and quality healthcare to India’s poor.
  7. The Prime Minister announced government’s plan to double the farmer’s income by 2022.
  8. India has registered itself as World’s sixth biggest economy, a moment of pride for every Indian.
  9. PM announced the increase in overdraft limit of Pradhan Mantri Jandhan Yojna from Rs 5000 to Rs 10000.
  10. PM Modi also announced permanent commission for women in armed forces.



The kite flying sport in India symbolizes the Independence Day. The sky all over India becomes full of countless kites (flown from rooftops) of various sizes, shapes, styles, and shades. Some of them become tricolor symbolize India’s flag. Another symbol of independence day is the Red Fort of New Delhi where the first Indian Prime Minister, Jawahar Lal Nehru, unfurled the Indian flag on 15th of August in 1947.

Independence day is celebrated to commemorate the freedom of India from the British rule in 1947. 15th of August is the day of re-birth of the India. It is the day when Britishers left India and handed over the country to its leaders. It is the most significant day in the history of India and celebrated every year with great enthusiasm by the Indian people.


Independence Day is celebrated by the people of India every year on 15th of August as a National Holiday to commemorate the independence of India from the Kingdom of Great Britain on 15th of August in 1947. At this day, people of India pay heartily homage to the great leaders in the leadership of whom India became free forever. At this day, people celebrate in their own way by buying tricolour Flag, watching movies based on freedom fighters, listening patriotic songs, bonding with family and friends, participating in special contests, programs, and articles organized by the broadcast, print and online media to promote the awareness about day.

Jawaharlal Nehru became our first Prime Minister after the independence of India on 17th of August 1947 who raised the Flag at Lahore Gate of Red Fort in Delhi and given a speech. This phenomenon is followed by the other subsequent Prime Ministers of India where flag hoisting ceremonies, parades, march past, salute by 21 guns and other cultural events are organized. Other people celebrate this day by raising national flag on their clothes, homes or vehicles. On the midnight of 15th August in 1947, Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru had announced the independence of India by reading out his speech on “Tryst with destiny”. He said that after long years of slavery, it is the time when we will redeem our pledge with the end of our ill fortune.

India is a country where millions of people live together whether they belong to various religion, cultures or traditions and celebrate this special occasion with great joy. At this day, as being an Indian, we should feel proud and must take an oath to keep ourselves loyal and patriotic in order to save our motherland.


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