Short Speech On Teachers Day

Short Speech On Teachers Day

Short Speech On Teachers Day We all respect our teachers. They deserve more respect from us. We Should respect them. Here is Short Speech On Teachers Day. Everything is here related to teachers day ” Speech for Teachers day ” So Lets Start.

short speech on teachers day

Short Speech On Teachers Day

The teachers inspire us to proceed forward, to build our ethics and prepare us to withstand the obstacles of our life. The teacher also imparts immense knowledge and wisdom into our lives. On this day, teachers are honored through various functions and these functions are celebrated at every place throughout the country. The government also pays respect to them by giving different awards. On this day, we give them thanks and honor them by saying, – we are grateful to you dear teachers for all you do for us.

Teachers work hard day and night to bring out the best in students. They unfold our hidden talents and creativity. Just like a good gardener, a teacher shows the seeds of moral-ethics within us so that we can become good citizens.



India, 5th September is celebrated as Teacher’s day every year with lots of joy, happiness, and enthusiasm. It is celebrated as a national festival in India. It is marked as a tribute to the contribution made by teachers to the society. Actually, 5th September is the birthday of a great teacher Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan, who was a very dedicated supporter of humanism,  an educationalist and also the second President of India. He was born on 5th September 1888 and was a great writer. He wrote many books on religion and philosophy.

He worked as a professor of philosophy in many Universities of India like Kolkata, Mysore, Chennai, etc and also in the Oxford University of London. He was also been designated as the Chairman of University Grants Commission in the year 1949 and he always loved the teacher’s community being a teacher. When Dr. Radhakrishnan became the President of India in 1962, he has been requested by some of his students and friends to celebrate his birthday, but he asked them to celebrate this day as teacher’s day instead of celebrating his birthday separately. The request shows his privilege and love for the teacher’s every year on this day.


A true teacher is not a paid professional or a hired hand but a light of consciousness who has the power to lead his/her students from the real to the unreal, from darkness to light and from death to immortality. NEEV Vidyalaya aspires to continue in the tradition of the great teaching tradition of India, where Vidya (Self Knowledge) was considered to be higher than Shiksha (Technical Knowledge). Ravana was a very knowledgeable person, who had performed many austerities, a great yogi with a lot of powers. But what he lacked was Vidya – true Self Knowledge. In today’s age to we have all the scientific knowledge and technology akin to the Mayavi powers of Ravana and we have also inherited the insatiable greed of Ravana, symbolized sometimes with his 20 hands. But do we have Vidya or Self Knowledge that can guide this knowledge for the benefit of man?

In my speech on Teacher’s Day, I asked my students and teachers to reflect on the question whether our present education system is producing Ravanas or people like Ram.

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Happy teaches Day 2018

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